14 Aug 2020 Frank Spillers


“Generating emotional value” Masterclass promo video

“Generating emotional value” Masterclass promo video

Upcoming Masterclass on emotional value in UX

Join us for Frank Spillers’s latest thinking on the topic of emotional value or desirability on September 17th 2020 at 3:00 PM GMT; 8:30 PM IST; 7:00 AM PST; 10:00 AM EST

What is Emotion Design?

Emotion Design is an approach within UX to generate emotionally engaging experiences for users. Understanding emotion as a design variable can make or break the underlying interaction and loyalty (or purchase intent) a user has with your product or service. Generating emotional value has a proven ROI. For example, the Tempkin Group has found that a positive emotional association with these brand results:

  • 8.4 x more likely to trust the company.
  • 7.1 x more likely to purchase more.
  • 6.6 x more likely to forgive a company’s mistake.

What emotional value look like across different contexts…

It’s not just an e-commerce or retail trick. Emotional value and designing for emotions are critical across different contexts…

various emotion design outcomes across contexts

Here’s a promo video for the upcoming Masterclass, where Frank Spillers will cover his latest Emotion Design Framework and more…

Learn more about the Masterclass here…

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