Insight Sprints- Bringing your team along the user research journey- Workshop

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DECEMBER 17th 7:00AM PST; 10:00AM EST; 3:00 PM GMT; 7:30 PM IST

(Members: moving this back one hour from the usual time)

  • 6 hrs (Zoom online) in two parts
  • Live with Frank Spillers

This workshop builds on the ‘This is Ethnography Doing’ workshop.

Insight Sprints are a new method proposed by Etienne Fang (Principal Researcher at Amazon). The Insight Sprint builds on the Design Sprint method of socializing the design process in your organization and making informed decisions fast.

This workshop focus on the Insight Sprint method applied to real data captured in our previous workshop: This is Ethnography Doing. Socializing user research and giving teams a first-hand view of evidence from the field study is key. For example, exploring user pain points and context of use can inform better design decisions. Better still, product and service teams that are engaged in UX Research spot more opportunities and are better capable of responding to them. The result? Longer-term views of customer value and exchange of value between your company and customers. Moreover, teams that leverage user research insights tend to be more Outside-In design driven. The Insights Sprint is a practical tool to get teams to use and value customer behavior data.

This workshop will map out a practical Insight Sprint approach for conducting workshops with your stakeholders that can be used in parallel to the Design Sprint method developed at Google.

Note: This workshop will be split into smaller working sessions.

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Date: 17 Dec 2021

07:00 am PDT

10:00 am EDT

03:00 pm BST

04:00 pm CEST

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