Designing for Disrupted Journeys

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February 8th 8 AM PDT; 11 AM EDT; 4 PM GMT; 5 PM CET

60 min

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What is a disrupted customer journey?

Disrupted journeys are customer interaction across moments, touchpoints, and channels that fall apart. Broken touchpoints factor into disrupted journeys, causing users to abandon, switch channels, or call for help. This is why Touchpoint Mapping is critical, as well as Opportunity Mapping.

Note: Opportunity Mapping Workshop part 2 is coming up February 22nd 2024.

Masterclass Agenda- Designing for Disrupted Journeys:

The key to offering continuous vs disrupted journeys is to look at tasks as they run from start to finish in a journey. UX often focuses on one area or flow, missing details along the way or at the start/ end.

Next, since customers touch multiple channels (up to 10, according to Salesforce), orchestrating their journey between channels is a must. This avoids, “Great store or employee experience- but your mobile app sucks”.

Finally, paying attention to empty states fails, and “What happens when…?” errors are vital. Rarely do we design a wireframe with a “Here’s what the interface looks like after 5,000 records are added…”, or “The UX after 8 months looks like…”. As simple as this sounds, in UX, we like to build “happy paths” and overlook the dirty details of error states, the passage of time, heavy usage, inclusive design issues, and more.

Look no further than password UX these days for a report card on a few of those broken journeys.

Why this matters:

Disrupted customer journeys can have far-reaching impacts on a business. Prioritizing end-to-end UX, cross-channel service orchestration, and managing UI error states is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business success. Many broken journeys force customers to another channel– driving up your costs. Worse, user adoption leads to customer abandonment, distrust, or defection.

What you’ll learn:

In this 60-minute Masterclass, you will cover how to design or fix a customer journey that is as seamless and efficient as possible. Frank Spillers will cover the end-to-end experience a customer has with a brand or organization, from initial contact to post-product or service support.

Topics we will cover in Designing for Disrupted Journeys masterclass:
  1. Understanding where journeys break down
  2. Design and Research strategies for elevating the priority of disrupted journeys
  3. Activity: Redesigning an actual disrupted journey (Case study)
  4. Q&A

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  • Cost: Buy this course and attend it live or get the recording for only $100 USD:
  • Free for UX Inner Circle Members–Join now, cancel anytime

Date: 08 Feb 2024

08:00 am PDT

11:00 am EDT

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