Managing Stakeholders in UX Masterclass

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JANUARY 10th 8:00AM PDT; 11:00AM EDT; 4:00PM GMT; 5:00PM CET

90 minutes

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UX impact follows stakeholder management

How well you manage stakeholder expectations in UX directly influences the success of your project. By prioritizing the needs and expectations of various stakeholders, including clients, users, and internal teams, UX professionals can align project goals with business objectives and user requirements. When stakeholders are appropriately managed, the resulting collaborative environment fosters a sense of ownership and commitment, leading to better outcomes– and more robust user advocacy.

Why this matters: Internal stakeholders and senior managers can crush a UX or Service Design effort. Worse, if they do not deeply understand UX and Service Design value, they can create cultural patterns that reverses UX gains. An example is having UX focus on Visual Design or primarily supporting technical delivery.

Good design decision-making needs stakeholder management.

Collaboration practices that align stakeholders with UX teams is critical. UX is fundamentally cross-functional and multi-disciplinary. UX requires lots of collaboration.

Good design decision-making relies on effectively managing and including stakeholders. Why? To ensure that their diverse needs and perspectives are considered and integrated into the design process. By engaging stakeholders, UX teams can get better traction and alignment. How? With stakeholder input, you are more likely to de-risk political damage aka stakeholder sabotage. The more you have a process for stakeholders, the more opportunity to socialize them to user advocacy, which is key to UX health and maturity.

Topics we will cover in this Masterclass:

  • Defining stakeholders & stakeholder personas
  • Identifying stakeholder engagement guidelines and boundaries
  • Mapping stakeholder influence
  • Biggest stakeholder problems and confusion
  • Tactics for engaging stakeholders in ‘Team Sport UX
  • Accelerating UX maturity: how stakeholders can rev UX results
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Date: 10 Jan 2024

08:00 am PDT

11:00 am EDT

04:00 pm BST

05:00 pm CEST

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