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Anyone can get courses on UX today. However, you need quality support as you learn UX skills, grow your team, or refine your UX process. Getting expert UX mentoring and training is critical to staying resilient, maintaining your professional skills, and adapting to today’s complexity.

The truth? We all need to update, refine and advance our UX skills. And quality UX training is expensive. Not anymore.

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Frank Spillers, MS

As an industry veteran, CEO of a leading UX consultancy, and popular UX course Instructor at the Interaction Design Foundation, Frank Spillers, welcomes you to join a professional community with UX mentoring and training to help you improve your team, process, skills, and UX expertise. All for a small monthly fee. His UX Inner Circle offers some of the best UX mentoring and UX training opportunities available. Who attends the UXIC?

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Upcoming Events

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11 Oct 2023 18 UTC Zoom online

Policy Design workshop- part 2

Policy Design workshop- part 2

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08 Nov 2023 16 UTC Zoom online

AI for UX Design

AI for UX Design

What’s included in your membership?


Monthly Masterclasses Live

(one monthly with Frank Spillers)


Hands-on Live Workshops

(interactive hands-on activities)


220 Videos

(library of courses)



(one monthly with Frank Spillers) $10 discount for guests or free to members ($49 value)


Slack channel

dedicated access to peers and Frank


Peer Mentoring

learn with a community of peers.



(applied portfolio or upskilling project); 8 hrs 2 hrs x4 $399 discount for guests or $199 for members ($999 value)


1:1 Drop-Ins with Frank

1 per quarter free for members or $50 on demand/ hr


Team Training option

Bring your team along with Teams Deluxe Inner Circle.

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What People Are Saying​

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Thanks for today's class. Always leave your courses motivated & inspired. A treat to be in a breakout room with experienced leaders too.

Sue Randall Chief Creative Officer (USA)
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I am amazed by your Inner Circle, it's a learning opportunity like no other- a truly amazing opportunity.

Vinicius Sasso UX Designer (Brazil)
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The hands-on part and the possibility to discuss with other students and access the trainer directly…the MasterClass was so crystal clear that any management role should attend.

Imre Guaglianone Head of UX (Malta)
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The way Frank clearly articulates UX is inspiring, and I sure want to learn to do that myself!

Alessandra Zarante-Sanderlin Product Designer/ UX Researcher/ Strategist (USA)
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Frank Spillers is a fount of curated information that kicks your understanding of the user’s experience into high gear. I highly recommend his Inner Circle!

Anita Bryant Instructional Designer II
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Thank you for this amazing series of workshops! Highly instructive while also being lots of fun, this is the magic of the UX Inner Circle 🙂 Frank Spillers’ UX Inner Circle is a true gem in UX-learning!

Isabella Minzley Sr UX Designer (Italy)
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I got a very good impression and knowledge from the Inner Circle. We had exercises that were fun and we had a direct dialogue with Frank–from which we received comprehensive answers. I am very happy and would like to thank Frank for making me a member of his Inner Circle.

Tiko Pircxalava UX Researcher/ Designer (Bolivia)
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I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found the UX Inner Circle. Frank is a multi-talented powerhouse, and on top of his many skills, he’s a super gifted trainer!

Yingdi Qi User Researcher (USA)
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I can’t say enough good things about Frank Spillers UX Inner Circle…It’s hands-down the most fun I’ve had learning about service design and UX. Frank also ensures everything is incredibly practical, useful and tailors his content to our group’s needs.

Zachary Stewart UX Designer & Researcher (USA)
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I can’t tell you how thankful I am this resource exists. Frank speaks my language, and I wished I had him earlier in my 15 years of experience…Simply, “I was blown away,”  is the best way to explain my feelings.

Lane Watson
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This made me grow as a person and as a profession, improving my skills and my confidence.

João Abdalla Product Designer, UX/UI (Brazil)
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Great workshops and masterclasses. I loved your way of teaching. Your depth of knowledge on the topics is amazing. You are the best facilitator I have seen in my online learning experience during these Covid times.

Shivanand Yerva Lead UX (India)
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I will tell you Frank Spillers’ inner circle is amazing! You will gain spot-on industry knowledge, UX connections around the world, and solid skills to help you enter and/or grow in the UX community.

Cynthia Jenkins Learning Designer and IT Professional (USA)
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Great networking sessions with like-minded people ran by a professional in the UX field.

Alexandr Panek UX Manager (Czech Republic)
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I really like the way it's structured because it gives practical examples that we can work on right away. Give it a try, it's valuable and fun as well!

Valerie Lacroix UX Consultant (Belgium)
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Highly recommended!

Chineme Ozumba UX Researcher (South Africa/ USA)
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I can't recommend enough these workshops and Frank Spillers UX InnerCircle. Working with other fantastic members of the group and real-world data to hone my skills has been a second-to-none experience. Thank you once again.

Mauro Litsure UX Designer (Mozambique)

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