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User Adoption Course Masterclass

User Adoption Course Masterclass

Getting this right is likely the most important aspect of user experience work.

In this upcoming Masterclass course on user adoption, we will unpack this critical topic tied to the ROI of UX. November 11th…view course details (free for members, $99 for non-members).

Why is user adoption key? If users don’t come back, uninstall your app, or get frustrated using your app, user adoption will suffer. The goal of user adoption is habitual use. When a user “adopts” it means they like it so much it becomes natural to go back (“intent to return”).

The data on the user adoption problem for mobile, for instance, does not lie:

  • Global consumers spend 90% of their time on only 18 apps, of an average of 40 installed apps (Simform 2021).
  • Users uninstall one in every two apps they download within the first 30 days. Further, 53% of uninstalls occurred within 30 days, while 45% happened within the first 24 hours! (AppsFlyer 2020).

Get your user adoption strategy right

Developing a clear understanding of your user adoption strategy from a UX perspective is critical. This applies to websites, web applications, mobile apps, and product-service systems. First, you must identify potential problem areas or points of ‘cognitive friction’ (speedbumps). Next, getting your value proposition right is key. Value exchange (eg your customer gives you money or time, and you give them an easier way to perform a task or service) is at the heart of all customer interaction. Therefore, building products that deliver emotional value to users becomes a high priority when protecting and growing your user adoption.

In this course on user adoption, we will look at how user adoption works from a Cognitive Science perspective and how to fix a poor user adoption, and design a good one from the start. We will learn to use three core tools for reducing cognitive friction while building UX that differentiates and allows users to keep and enjoy the product.

Topics we will cover in this Masterclass:

DATE: NOVEMBER 11TH 8:00AM PST; 11:00AM EST; 4:00 PM GMT; 9:30 PM IST

  • User adoption lifecycle and what models of user adoption teach us
  • What typically causes user adoption issues at the UI level
  • Designing better UX with ‘synch’, emotion design, and bonding
  • Three tools for reducing your cognitive friction: Features, Expectations, Tasks
  • B2B vs B2C user adoption tactics
  • Redefining user engagement (Beyond what Silicon Valley gave us)
  • Manipulative UI’s (so-called Dark Patterns)
  • Boosting your emotional value & value proposition
  • Strategies for renewing value over time
  • How intangible value works in user adoption
  • User adoption metrics

Essentials of User Adoption Masterclass

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