AI for UX Masterclass- part 1/2

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MARCH 21st 8:00AM PDT; 11:00AM EDT; 4:00 PM GMT; 5:00 pm CET

60 min

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The urgent need for UX for AI

Shaping meaningful AI integration requires good UX strategy, research, and design. The alternative is a technology-first approach that falls into classic patterns of poor user adoption (VIDEO).

At the same time, AI can be used to judiciously improve various UX Design tasks, from research preparation to data analysis and communication tasks. However, drawing ethical boundaries around AI for UX and understanding its augmentation capabilities is essential; it is not a replacement for UX roles like designers or UX writers.


Generative AI is set to disrupt and enhance many domains, including UX. Rather than be troubled by this development, this Masterclass focuses on where, when, and how AI can have a credible impact on your UX work.

Why this matters:

Gen AI is being integrated and beta-tested in multiple domains. Slapping AI onto an interface is a short-lived experiment and a waste of time. Worse, you risk creating irrelevancy or weak value propositions, in the mind of your users. That’s why: It’s essential that your AI efforts make an impact. Learn how to boost AI user adoption, protect from bias, and contribute meaningfully to user lives.

What you’ll learn:

In this 60-minute Masterclass, you will understand how generative AI can be governed by Human-Centered practices and how you can use it to enhance your UX work. Frank Spillers will cover specific and realistic uses of AI for UX without any predictions, threats, or hype.

What we won’t cover:

  • Hyping AI UX tools
  • Basics about generative AI
  • The ‘shortcuts with’ AI UX mentality

Topics we will cover in this AI for UX masterclass:

  1. Building a Human-Centered AI business case and process
  2. Inclusive Design and AI: Ethics Fairness, Accountability, Transparency
  3. Activity: Working with realistic AI UX use cases
  4. Q&A
About Monthly MasterClasses:

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  • Cost: Buy this course and attend it live or get the recording for only $100 USD:
  • Free for UX Inner Circle Members–Join now, cancel anytime

Date: 21 Mar 2024

08:00 am PDT

11:00 am EDT

04:00 pm BST

05:00 pm CEST

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