17 Oct 2022 Frank Spillers


Jump to solutions no more! (or why this problem framing workshop is critical in UX)

Jump to solutions no more! (or why this problem framing workshop is critical in UX)

Why problem space discovery and problem framing?

Here’s what most designers face on a daily or weekly basis:

Stakeholder: “We need a better design. Can you help with this design problem? Just mock up a new wireframe or Figma sketch and we can review it next week”.

Designer: “Uh, I probably could come up with some ideas but shouldn’t we find out what users need…”

This is called “solutioning” or the bad habit of expecting solutions from designers (managers, you know who you are) and designers offering superpower instant solutions to problems in a brainstorm, over a whiteboard, or on a conference call. Solutioning as fast and business-friendly as it may seem– actually shoots your ROI of UX in the foot. Designing for users without properly understanding the context of where they solve their problems, how they solve them, and under what conditions they are approaching your design (cognitive, physical, social, and more) is known to contradict the now industry standard (tied to ISO) Human Centered Design methodology.

So how do you define the right problem to solve? Some UX professionals consider this to be the most important question you can solve. How do you go about defining the right problem in an Agile minute?

That’s the topic of this month’s UX Inner Circle masterclass.

Problem space discovery masterclass: covering problem framing, how to run a problem space discovery workshop and more!

In this Masterclass, we will cover problem space discovery and problem framing in an Agile context including how to create more accurate MVP’s on an ongoing basis. We will start with problem framing and learn to create problem statements. In this Masterclass, you will also learn how to run a Problem Space Discovery workshop to help guide your organization toward smarter product decision-making.

Topics we will cover in this Masterclass:

  • Framing the ‘right problem’ in UX
  • Making the business case for Problem space discovery
  • Strategies for managing your stakeholders who jump to solutions without discovery
  • Identify bias in framing and product decision-making
  • Introducing Qualitative Research to teams new to UX Research
  • Doing the right kind of research to identify ‘right problems’ and understand problem spaces
  • How to craft compelling Problem Statements
  • Getting Agile teams to practice with problem-informed MVP
  • ‘Continuous Discovery’ hacks for Agile
  • How to run a Problem Space Discovery workshop

Problem space discovery in Agile Masterclass


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