09 Dec 2022 Frank Spillers


VR Design workshop- FREE 50 seats

VR Design workshop- FREE 50 seats

Get Metaverse-ready with this 3D UX design workshop

Want to learn an advanced VR UX Design approach for free? I’m giving away up to 50 free tickets to this VR UX design workshop for the holidays. My hidden agenda is that I hope the Metaverse that starts to crawl in 2023 is not meh (boring) and unsafe!

*Part 1 of 2 parts valued at $100
*3 hrs part 1
*Dec 13th 8:00AM PST; 11:00AM EST; 4:00PM GMT; 5:00 PM CET; 8:30 PM IST
*FREE up to 50 seats

*Instructor is VR UX Veteran Frank Spillers, CEO Experience Dynamics

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Why Story prototyping?

The topic of this workshop is “story prototyping”.  What does it mean to prototype a story? Just like you prototype a screen in low-fidelity (pre-code), story prototyping means you design the narrative interaction first. Story protoyping is a technique first created at Pixar by Steve Jobs and John Lasseter. Story protoypes add narrative elements to an immersive virtual experience. Story, we will learn, can be used as a “UI wrapper” to make immersive interactions more interesting and valuable to 3D UX goals.

Hope to see you at this 2-part workshop starting Dec 13th 2022.

Meanwhile, why story is so important…

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