14 Dec 2022 Frank Spillers


Privacy by design (Webinar)

Privacy by design (Webinar)

Privacy UX is critical to address early-on

Privacy, security, and trust are all interrelated for consumers. While IT professionals separate them into technical categories, they overlap for consumers typically and underneath them is a feeling of trust.

In this 30-minute webinar (Miniclass), Frank Spillers will cover strategies for how to fix the privacy, security, and trust issue for UX designers. First, we will begin with privacy- What is it users want?; How can you give it to them? and; What should be your UX strategy on privacy? Next, we will tackle security. Sadly, user-centered security is probably the most misunderstood and overlooked area of innovation. Finally, we will look at ways to improve trust with both privacy-friendly and user-centered security approaches to UI design and product development.

Topics we will cover in the Designing for trust, privacy and security in UX Miniclass:

  1. Consumer perceptions about privacy and security vs your Sec/Engineering team
  2. Design approaches that build trust
  3. Guidelines and an IoT agenda for privacy by design and user-centered security
  4. Q&A

About Miniclasses:

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Designing for trust, privacy and security in UX Miniclass

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