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Reasons people join Frank Spillers’ UX Inner Circle

Reasons people join Frank Spillers’ UX Inner Circle

A place for mentoring and UX training

Frank Spillers UX Inner Circle meets monthly to cover topical content (members can request topics) on various UX and Service Design skills including: How to Conduct Ethnographic Interviews, Creating Implementable Service Blueprints, Journey Mapping as a Team sport and more!

The ‘micro-community’ offers mentoring, peer-learning and process tuning (Yes, Frank Spillers shares his tried and tested methods he uses in his UX consulting firm and private corporate trainings).

So, why do people join the Inner Circle?

The top reasons people join this professional group:

  • To refine or expand your current skills– to push the boundaries of your learning.
  • To get advice and guidance: Put a top-performing UX expert in your pocket (Frank Spillers, CEO of award-winning UX and Service Design firm Experience Dynamics and top instructor at Interaction Design Foundation).
  • To Stay connected with the latest on what Frank is thinking and prioritizing in UX and Service Design.
  • Ask anything to other UXIC colleagues on a dedicated private Slack channel. Also, collaborate during monthly meetups (Masterclasses).
  • Get a promotion at work or upgrade your skills, portfolio, or process knowledge. This is the #1 reason folks keep subscribing to the UX Inner Circle.
  • To get quality UX training. Frank Spillers brings his experience over 23 years of UX training. He has trained thousands of individuals in private, custom corporate trainings.

Why join a small online community?

Harvard Business Review summed it up best in an article called Why Your Inner Circle Should Stay Small and How to Shrink It:

We live in a time when “bigger is better” is the prevailing assumption when it comes to, well, just about anything. So it’s only natural for us to want to supersize our network of connections — both online and off — because the more people we know, the greater our chances of being exposed to opportunities that may lead to professional advancement, potential mentors, material success, and so on. But in fact, being what we call a “superconnector” has nothing to do with supersizing your network. Rather, it’s about surrounding yourself with a carefully curated group of people who you admire and respect and with whom you share common beliefs and values — people who will set the tone for the foundation of your larger network filled with people who provide value to one another. And that core group should be a lot smaller than you think.

In summary: Why do people join the UXIC?

To share experiences in a safe space and learn from the mistakes or successes of others in your industry or other industries. To perfect your skills. To give your team new energy, ideas, and practices. To get a very personalized and informal introduction or re-introduction to topics that often go undernoticed.

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About the Author

headshot of frank spillers

Frank Spillers

Founder - UX Inner Circle

Frank Spillers, MS, founded the UX Inner Circle to share his knowledge and skills with his students from the Interaction Design Foundation where he has provided select trainings for the past 8 years. He leads UX and Service Design consulting at Experience Dynamics, an award-winning consultancy. He works with the world’s leading brands to deliver cutting-edge strategy for products, services, and experiences. Starting out in the mid-’90s in social VR, Frank has consulted on 600 UX projects including enterprise web applications, nonprofits, government and more. He’s an Inclusive Design evangelist, and expert in Accessibility, Emotion Design, VR/AR, Cross-cultural Design and UX Management. Frank brings 25 years of experience as a Sr. UX Director and Service Design leader. He has lifted conversion rates by 88% and enhanced revenue by 300% for firms like Nike, Intel, Microsoft, the City of New York, Global Disability Rights Now!, Four Seasons, Capital One, the World Bank, Women Enabled International, and many more.

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