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Expand your perspectives with the UX Inner Circle Book Club

Expand your perspectives with the UX Inner Circle Book Club

📚 Expand your perspectives with the UX Inner Circle Reading Circle! 📚

Exciting news! The UX Inner Circle is thrilled to introduce our new Book Club, ‘The Reading Circle”, offering you a chance to dive into moderated discussions and expand your knowledge in a relaxed setting.

Yes, But: Let’s face it, people don’t read anymore. But reading is vital to growing your brain cells. That’s why moderated reading discussion group can be so beneficial to personal and professional growth. It can expand your viewpoints and understandings.

🗓️ Starting this year, join us for bi-weekly virtual meetings, designed to fit into your busy schedule. Each session, lasting 30-45 minutes, will cover 1-2 chapters of our selected book. The sessions will be moderated by Inner Circle Learning Advocate John Alberts, Content Strategy Director at Experience Dynamics.

📖 We’re kicking off with “The Jobs to Be Done Playbook: Align Your Markets, Organization, and Strategy Around Customer Needs” by Jim Kalbach, offering valuable insights into customer needs and how to put those insights into action. Meeting dates and reading schedule will come soon.

Plus: Throughout the year, we will invite book authors in the flesh to do a Q&A live or recorded for Reading Circle attendees…

Benefits of a moderated book discussion

  • Stay accountable with a like-minded group with a doable regular reading schedule.
  • Expand your perspectives with small group discussions comparing new ideas and understandings.
  • Build personal and professional development skills while being intellectually engaged.

🤝 Apply to join a welcoming community of fellow readers by filling out the Google Form below. No Cost.

Please note UXIC members will receive priority access, but we’re open to a wider folks outside the www.uxinnercircle.com

Join the waitlist and get ready to dive into a world of learning and connection. See you at the Book Club! 🌟

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