13 Oct 2023 Frank Spillers


Service Blueprints workshop- for Ukraine UX

Service Blueprints workshop- for Ukraine UX

Service Blueprints workshop for the Ukrainian community

Yesterday’s Service Blueprints workshop for Ukrainian Service Design and UX community colleagues was well received. This was a free event with donations to Ukraine. Our blueprint focused on social event planning for youth in post-war Ukraine.

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Like in our UX Inner Circle Service Blueprint workshop, in this workshop, we used actual user research data. Most workshops will give you hypothetical data to work with. Since I’ve been training for 25 years, I feel like that misses an opportunity for learning. In our new UX Intensives offering, we will do actual blow-your-portfolio-away user research and more. Watch the Events page for upcoming Intensives…

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Why this matters:

The UX Inner Circle is about growth. Stretching your professional and personal boundaries beyond school, work, and your UX limits. Up-skilling is the new AI “gimme my job back” killer. Learning with actual user research data is infinitely more valuable to your learning journey than made-up “Design Thinking” for example.

Scholarships and Financial Inclusiveness

Since 2021’s start of UXIC, we’ve offered 3 free scholarships (6 months each) to folks in the Global South on an ongoing basis. We’ve supported members in financially challenged regions and emerging markets like: Ukraine, Iran, Brazil, and Mozambique.

We offer a 50% discount on all folks who live in the Global South (that’s below the equator) or in Emerging Markets.

Discounts for all others: 20% discount on annual plans. First month FREE on all plans, billing starts month two.

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