08 May 2023 Frank Spillers


Designing for the donut with Donut-centered design

Designing for the donut with Donut-centered design

When you design for the ‘donut’ it means you factor in both environmental impact as well as social impact. Donut-centered design is an approach based on bestselling author and University Professor  (Oxford Univ./ Univ. of Amsterdam) Kate Raworth’s Donut Economics model. First coined by Chris Golias, Sr. User Researcher at Google in 2019, the method builds on Sustainable HCI or Sustainable Interaction Design (Blevis 2007).

By combining sustainability design with inclusive design, we can bring the most urgent priorities to bear in our work. These two focal points are also major areas of innovation and growth. In this workshop live in Amsterdam, Frank Spillers (CEO of Experience Dynamics and UX Inner Circle) will show how AI can be leveraged in framing potential solutions that address the donut.

The Donut-centered design workshop- live in Amsterdam

In this 2-hour evening workshop, we will learn to design equitable sustainability. This workshop is aimed at removing the abstraction of sustainability design and equity and making it concrete and actionable.

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  1. Approaching sustainable design challenges- Donut Design
  2. Unpacking ‘full system problems’ with the DCD Toolkit
  3. Merging inclusive design concepts with circular design & prototyping: applied project
  4. How AI can help solve sustainability design problems
  5. Managing and mainstreaming Donut-centered design
  6. Q&A

Finally, please bring your laptop to this event!

Event details

  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences/ Digital Society School
  • Wibautstraat 2-4 / 1091 GM  Amsterdam (Location directions)
  • Come to the First floor

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About the Author

headshot of frank spillers

Frank Spillers

Founder - UX Inner Circle

Frank Spillers, MS, founded the UX Inner Circle to share his knowledge and skills with his students from the Interaction Design Foundation where he has provided select trainings for the past 8 years. He leads UX and Service Design consulting at Experience Dynamics, an award-winning consultancy. He works with the world’s leading brands to deliver cutting-edge strategy for products, services, and experiences. Starting out in the mid-’90s in social VR, Frank has consulted on 600 UX projects including enterprise web applications, nonprofits, government and more. He’s an Inclusive Design evangelist, and expert in Accessibility, Emotion Design, VR/AR, Cross-cultural Design and UX Management. Frank brings 25 years of experience as a Sr. UX Director and Service Design leader. He has lifted conversion rates by 88% and enhanced revenue by 300% for firms like Nike, Intel, Microsoft, the City of New York, Global Disability Rights Now!, Four Seasons, Capital One, the World Bank, Women Enabled International, and many more.

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