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What’s new with WCAG 3.0 Accessibility guidelines?

What’s new with WCAG 3.0 Accessibility guidelines?

Get ready for the WCAG 3.0 update

WCAG 3.0 from W3.org brings together a sharper focus on improving your accessibility with an inclusive design lens. The WCAG 3.0 proposed guidelines will be standard by the end of 2022 or early 2023 by some estimates. So, it’s time to get ready now so your team is not caught off-guard.  We will cover this and more accessibility topics, related to WCAG 3.0 in our next event. This Masterclass aims to get you ready for adjusting your accessibility efforts around the new approaches and criteria contained in WCAG 3.0.

What’s new in WCAG 3.0 worth noting?

According to one of the developers of the guidelines (Jeanne Spellman):

  • Broader scope than WCAG 2.2 – including digital publishing. (50+ categories of access needs)
  • Research-informed and data-driven.
  • 100% Pass-Fail vs Point Scoring.
  • Serve the needs of more disability groups.
  • Starts from user needs of disability groups instead of technical solutions.

To be clear, WCAG 3.0.is a welcomed update that improves how we deliver accessibility commitments. It moves us toward a more accurate and inclusive approach to how we evaluate, test, and optimize the accessibility user experience for persons with disabilities. This approach is called a disability-centric approach versus a technology-centric approach– the industry default until now.

Here’s a presentation on how and what went into WCAG 3.0:

What’s in the Accessibility ready with WCAG 3.0 Masterclass?

In the WCAG 3.0 Accessibility Masterclass we will have a live demo of a Holistic Test with a blind accessibility specialist. We will discuss essential topics including optics like how to do recruiting for users with disabilities, disability personas, and how to bake accessibility into your UX, Product, and Dev process.

More topics we will review in the Masterclass: Accessibility ready with WCAG 3.0

  • The business case for accessibility.
  • Tools for engaging stakeholders with accessibility.
  • Bringing in a disability-centric model to Agile accessibility.
  • Navigating the WCAG 3.0 guidelines.
  • Adjusting your “pass” and conformance criteria.
  • Conducting ‘Holistic testing’ with users with disabilities.
  • Re-evaluating your inclusion commitments: What’s beyond “AA” compliance?
  • Updating how you evaluate including VPAT reporting (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template).
  • Tips for implementing an accessibility program.
  • Scaling accessible User Research or aUXR and inclusive ResearchOps strategy.

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