13 Aug 2021 Frank Spillers


Storytelling in UX Masterclass – Video Highlights

Storytelling in UX Masterclass – Video Highlights

Highlights from Storytelling in UX Masterclass

In this month’s Storytelling in UX Masterclass, we learned strategies for getting user needs to be embedded in teams and designs. The concept of a story is universal. The mechanism of story in the human brain and the science of storytelling is undeniable. This is what makes storytelling in UX what we call the master skill. If your storytelling skills are poor, your ability to communicate clearly and strategically (to communicate customer needs, problems, and opportunities) will be limited.

Storytelling is critical to educating organizations about user needs and desires. In that regard, it’s key to UX management and building organizational momentum in UX, via strong User research.

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Topics covered in this Masterclass:

  • You will learn Story structure, and how to use it to aid in design decision conversations.
  • Storytelling UX essentials- how to get the best user stories with the highest business impact (ROI).
  • Microstorytelling- going viral with user insights.
  • Improv- going into Mentalizing to activate ‘hidden empathy’ for user scenarios.
  • Using Story as a Research tool- using ‘Story-mapping‘ to communicate your user journey.
  • Using Story as a Design tool- using ‘Question-storming‘ to warm up teams to user needs discovery.
  • Turning your team into a Story-centric UX group: communicating to stakeholders and non-UX teams.

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