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Improving UX with Project Management 

Improving UX with Project Management 

Why do some UX projects thrive while others stumble? 

Improving UX with project management starts with valuing the role of project management in UX project success. Project managers possess the power to steer teams towards improved stakeholder collaboration and communication. They can play a significant role in project outcomes. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to recognize their value, leaving UX projects without the crucial strategy project managers can offer. 

Stakeholder engagement relies on good project management.

It’s no secret that collaboration is the tipping point of any successful project. When it comes to UX projects, the need for effective collaboration becomes even more crucial. This is where project managers come into play. They possess the unique ability to keep teams on track, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working towards a common goal. By facilitating healthy interactions between stakeholders and UX teams, project managers can foster more seamless collaboration.

Imagine a stakeholder with specific needs or concerns but lacking a designated point person to communicate them to the UX team. On the other hand, UX designers or leads may find themselves caught up in the nitty-gritty details of the project, leaving little time for effective stakeholder management. Herein lies the significance of project managers who are well-versed in the dynamics of UX projects. They bridge the gaps, providing the necessary support and facilitating beneficial interactions between the UX team and stakeholder teams. The presence of a skilled project manager is indispensable for the success of any product or service delivery.

Improving Project Management for Better UX Masterclass

To highlight the pivotal role of project managers in UX projects, this month’s UXIC Masterclass covers Project Management for Better UX. This session aims to empower project managers with the knowledge and skills required to make a tangible difference in UX project outcomes.

Issues we will cover in Improving UX with Project Management:

  • The ideal role of Project Managers in UX Projects
  • How Project Managers can become boost team performance and success in UX projects. 
  • Collaboration essentials: What Works and What Causes Tension: Collaboration is the cornerstone of successful UX projects
  • The key ingredients for effective collaboration, common pitfalls, and strategies to mitigate confusion, conflict and antagonism on UX projects.
  • Agile UX project management musts
  • Tactics for improving organizational effectiveness through good project management. 
  • Q&A

Join us for our Project Management for Better UX Masterclass and understand the profound difference project management can make in shaping a better future for your organization and its users.

Project Management for better UX Masterclass

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