Miniclass: From mental models to design of conceptual models

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JANUARY 13th 7:00AM PST; 10:00AM EST; 3:00 PM GMT; 7:30 PM IST

30 minutes (brief overview, brief activity, Q&A)


Mental models provide clues about what users expect, typically based on their past experiences. Users think a design should work one way, designers typically think it should work another. Understanding how to best represent an interface design to users involves creating the right ‘conceptual model’.  Conceptual models represent this translation of helping users be equally comfortable with your interface as they are with the mental model they bring to your design.

This Miniclass dives into the topic of Conceptual Models. We will dive into a real-world case study based on a recent workshop where we conducted an Ethnographic Study workshop and Insight Sprint, a workshop used for socializing findings.


Topics we will cover in the Miniclass:

  1. Jumping from mental model to conceptual model.
  2. Examples of conceptual models as ‘UX Strategy’ and Interaction Design master tool.
  3. Applying this abstract thing to a real-life problem (the Apple Watch).
  4. Q&A

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Date: 13 Jan 2022

07:00 am PDT

10:00 am EDT

03:00 pm BST

04:00 pm CEST

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