Webinar- Inclusive Design: How to bake inclusion into your process and experience

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90 MINUTES –>June 3rd, 2021, at 4:00 PM UTC; 8:30 PM IST; 8:00 AM PDT; 11:00 AM EDT

  1. The business case for Inclusive Design
  2. Why Inclusive Design? What exclusion looks like
  3. How to bake Inclusive Design into product & service design and delivery 
  4. Q & A


Design is full of decisions, choices and, biases. Firstly, leaving users out of your design and dev process is risky. Secondly, excluding users can lead to lost opportunities, missed needs, negative PR, or unhappy users.

Exclusion is the act of leaving users out. Inclusive Design brings users back into the design process. Ultimately, the goal of Inclusive Design is to meet user needs especially those impacted by historical or societal bias.

Inclusive Design means bringing representation to teams, and product and service design. Inclusion helps teams gain more visibility and discover more opportunities. The goal is to include underrepresented communities: people of color; people from lower socioeconomic groups; women; aging populations; people with disabilities; LGBTQ+ and, more. Most importantly, Inclusive Design is critical for ethically aligned design efforts involving emerging tech (AI, VR/AR, IoT etc). Likewise, the past decade has shown if you don’t do inclusion, you get bias and angry users. 

To be clear, UX Teams play a pivotal role in Inclusive Design efforts namely because they are so close to user insights and culture.  As a result, UX teams performing user advocacy can help make inclusion the default. This means inclusion requires careful planning from business case and problem-definition, to recruiting (teams and users), designing, testing, and even marketing.

In this webinar, Frank Spillers will share examples of Inclusive Design patterns and practices applied to product-service development as well as team process. At the end of this webinar, you will have an understanding of Inclusive Design. You can use this to onboard your team toward process tweaks that lead to Inclusive Design.

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Date: 03 Jun 2021

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