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See Part 1 and Part 3


Building on part 1, Service Blueprints: Steps to creating implementable blueprints, we pick up Service Blueprinting with building out our Sustainability UX ‘Energy Saving’ Journey touchpoint inventory that will lead to the Service Blueprint activity.

Service Blueprints bring together the “plan” of how your organization intends to deliver the value proposition for the customer or to streamline value co-creation in ‘backstage’ (backend) systems.  Service Blueprints build on an understanding of customer pain points and where the breakdowns exist from a whole-systems perspective. This can involve workflow, rules, processes, and procedures; systems (IT/ Operations), and UX designs for digital touchpoints.

The focus of this workshop is not just the Service Blueprint, but on effectively understanding how to shape your Service Design process for improved effectiveness. Having an implementable Service Blueprint is critical. Frank will guide you through steps for creating an implementable blueprint. By attending this workshop, you will be able to create a Service Blueprint by using a real-life case study, with real customer data and a business problem to solve.

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