Orchestration in Service Design Miniclass

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July 28th 10:00AM PDT; 1:00PM EDT; 6:00PM GMT; 7:00PM CET

30 minutes

Service Design uses the word orchestration to describe key activities. But what is orchestration in Service Design? What does it entail? In this Miniclass, we unpack the various functions of what it means to orchestrate Service Design projects. First, we will examine the scope of various Service Design projects examining teams, employees, and systems involved in service delivery. Next, we break down orchestration tasks required by a Service Designer as she leads her team toward a cohesive service experience.

The power of orchestration

In Service Design, orchestration refers to coordinating and managing various service components to deliver a seamless and integrated experience for employees and customers. It involves designing and aligning the interactions, policies, procedures, and resources of multiple service providers, touchpoints, and moments. Therefore, orchestration is a complexity management technique that positions and aligns necessary actors, resources, and interactions in a user experience or service experience.

In service-oriented industries, many experiences are powered today by mobile apps. Where multiple parties contribute to the overall service delivery, orchestration becomes crucial. It ensures that the different components of the service work together efficiently, maximizing value for the customer and achieving the desired outcomes.

Topics we will cover in this service orchestration Miniclass:

  1. What is involved in orchestration?
  2. Looking at various scales of orchestration examples: Service Design case studies
  3. Using an Orchestration Checklist
  4. Q&A

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