14 Nov 2022 Frank Spillers


CX vs UX- what’s the difference?

CX vs UX- what’s the difference?

The difference between CX vs UX

In this Miniclass, (30-minute webinar) we will cover the differences between the terms and roles involved in Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX). The terms are confused and used loosely by stakeholders as well as UX professionals themselves, as evidenced by recent examples:

  • A UX Designer was recently told, “Your new job title will be CX designer”
  • A UX consultant says they provide “CX and UX strategy”
  • Referring to the field of user experience as “CX/UX”

Why does this matter?

Since our field seems to be fond of generating new descriptors, labels, and titles, it is important to understand the difference between the expectations involved in CX vs UX. This webinar will cover key differences, but more importantly, it will provide insight into how the two roles overlap and how both can work more closely on shared goals.


Do you work on CX or UX? Are you a CX professional or a UX’er? Is there a huge difference, and does it really matter? Understanding distinctions is important for managers and leaders who work in an industry full of acronyms and terminology. The theme of this Miniclass is to clear up roles and boundaries and to help you explain all of this to stakeholders who use the terms interchangeably.

While CX and UX have similar goals and impacts, their methods, metrics, and approach are very different. Yet, authors, analysts, and LinkedIn groups use the terms interchangeably as if no distinction exists. This Miniclass, will help set the record straight. We will look at similarities and differences as well as collaboration opportunities for optimal business results.

Topics we will cover in the Miniclass:

  1. Definitions: what does CX and UX do? (differences vs similarities)
  2. Key differences in CX vs UX
  3. How CX and UX can work together
  4. Q&A


How CX and UX work together Miniclass

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