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How to recruit good user participants

How to recruit good user participants

Getting recruit good user participants for your studies

Finding user research participants is one of the biggest obstacles to doing good UX work. What seems fairly easy: “grab a few people”, turns out to require more planning, precision, and workflow in order to get it right. At the end of the day, you want good user participants in your UX research studies. This means they provide good data, the right insights, and guidance to your design, MVP, requirements, and UX strategy.

User recruiting is full of mistakes

In this December 1st 2022 Masterclass, Frank Spillers and Alison Gavine (Global User Research Director at Experience Dynamics) will help you understand the friction and failure points in your user recruiting process. Doing turbo-fast user research with “clean” user participants is absolutely crucial for high performing UX teams.

A UX Inner Circle Case study

In This is Ethnography Doing workshop, we performed hands on (Ethnographic) Field Studies, a crucial insights generating aspect of UX Research. The recruit for the actual user research we conducted (10 users, who we asked to do at-home diaries with their Apple Watch behaviors) in 48 hours (Friday afternoon) and were able to begin user interviews by Sunday and Monday. This user recruit was performed rapidly and cleanly (with triple screened participants) based on the tactics we have developed at Experience Dynamics. We’ll share these tactics in detail on this upcoming Masterclass: User Recruiting for UX Research…

User Recruiting for UX research – Masterclass

Topics we will cover in this Masterclass:

  • Steps involved in user recruiting
  • Screening process and creating a screener
  • Weeding out “junk participants”
  • Strategies for finding users
  • Online intercepts and inviting users online to your study
  • Verifying and vetting users
  • Recruiting for accessibility tests- users with disabilities
  • Inclusive recruiting- bringing equity to your Inclusive design efforts– starting with recruiting
  • Developing ResearchOps repeatable capabilities for user recruiting
  • Whether you should do it yourself (in house) or outsource

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