Sample sizes in UX Research

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Jan 16th 8:00AM PST; 11:00AM EST; 4:00 PM GMT; 5:00 PM EST

30 min

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Summary: Sample sizes in UX Research matter. It is essential that you get quality data and that you communicate the research nuances to stakeholders. Field studies require more users than user testing.

What are the correct sample sizes for UX Research?

In this Masterclass, Frank Spillers, CEO of Experience Dynamics and UX Inner Circle founder, will discuss sample sizes in User Research.

Understanding Sample Sizes

In UX research, a sample size refers to the number of participants included in a study. This group represents a larger population, allowing researchers to draw conclusions about user behaviors, preferences, and needs.

However, the right sample size is vital for credibility + validity in UX research. Understanding qualitative research goals in UX is critical. Why? An adequately sized sample yields more dependable insights. Low or large sample size can also be less useful for various reasons.

Agenda: UX Research sample sizes (beyond 5 users)

  1. How many users do I need to test my UX theories?
  2. UX techniques vs sample size questions
  3. Why Jakob Nielsen’s 5-user mantra is outdated
  4. Scaling five users in Lean to Inclusive Design efforts
  5. Q&A

More topics we will cover in this Miniclass:

  • UX Research vs Market Research + Academic research
  • Sample sizes for all common UXR techniques
  • Handling sample size objections
  • Building a ‘culture of Qual’ for UX maturity

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  • Cost: Buy this course and attend it live or get the recording for only $10 USD:
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Date: 16 Jan 2024

08:00 am PST

11:00 am EST

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