Rethinking User Research with AI

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JULY 19th 10:00AM PDT; 1:00PM EDT; 6:00PM GMT; 7:00PM CET

30 minutes

Rethinking User Research with AI

Like all generative AI, it’s not a replacement for User Research but an enhancer. With emerging AI-driven UX research tools and methods, it’s time to Rethink user research from an AI inclusion perspective.

Why this matters: AI promises to transform the UX process. With User Research at the core of how we generate insights and identify right problems to solve, it’s important to understand how AI can help or hinder that process.

In this webinar, Miniclass and Frank Spillers will discuss how AI can be used in UX research. He will cover the less-discussed use of AI in framing ‘Problem Space’ questions and issues, new advances in AI-assisted interview moderation, and the best ways to synthesize data with AI.

Topics we will cover in this Rethinking User Research with AI Miniclass:

  1. Intro to AI in user research
  2. AI-driven UX Research tasks: limits and opportunities
  3. Frank’s tips for using AI throughout the UXR process
  4. Biggest pitfalls in AI-driven user research
  5. Q&A

About Miniclasses:

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Date: 19 Jul 2024

10:00 am PDT

01:00 pm EDT

06:00 pm BST

07:00 pm CEST

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