Leveraging Task Analysis in UX Design

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JULY 11th  12:00PM PDT; 3:00PM EDT; 8:00PM BST

60 min

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Leveraging Task Analysis in UX Design Masterclass

Task Analysis is a type of user research that goes deep into how users solve their problems (AKA “perform tasks”). It digs into workflow analysis and is key to making JTBD (Jobs to be done) work for UX teams. Task Analysis is versatile and fundamental to all Interaction Design efforts, applicable across domains, users, and contexts. It’s a research technique rooted in UX behavioral science dating back to the 1970s. It’s largely been forgotten, but still factors in as a core UX research and design activity.

Why Task Analysis Matters: Tasks are at the heart of how UX designs and measures success.  By meticulously analyzing how and why a user takes steps to complete a task, designers can correctly model and design task-oriented interfaces. Task-oriented designs are the result of translating what users need in order to successfully complete their tasks.

Identifying the right tasks to include in your design

Analyzing tasks takes you into a user’s problem-solving. In UX, we like to say “fall in love with the problem”, which requires Right Problem Definition. In this Masterclass, Frank Spillers will guide you to discovering how Task Analysis surfaces user tasks, pain points, decisions and issues. We’ll go for a deep dive into the role of artifacts- tools evoked by users to improve their task performance.

In Leveraging Task Analysis in UX Design we will cover:

  • How user research uncovers an understanding of goals, tasks, and sub-tasks
  • How artifacts aid and shape the conditions under which tasks occur
  • Two Task Analysis Techniques vs Ethnography
  • Creating user flows and task models from field data.
  • Hands-on exercise: participants conduct a mini-task analysis.
  • How to transform task insights into actionable design decisions.


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What You’ll Learn in Leveraging Task Analysis in UX Design Masterclass:

  • The basics and importance of task analysis in UX.
  • Techniques for effective task analysis.
  • How to translate task insights into design features.
  • Best practices for designing inclusive and accessible task-oriented UX.
  • Practical application of task analysis through hands-on activities and real-world examples.
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  • Cost: Buy this course and attend it live or get the recording for only $100 USD:
  • Free for UX Inner Circle Members–Join now, cancel anytime

Date: 11 Jul 2024

12:00 pm PDT

03:00 pm EDT

08:00 pm BST

09:00 pm CEST

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