Journey Mapping workshop: Creating journey maps with impact

AUG 3rd 8:00AM PST; 11:00AM EST; 4:00 PM BST; 5:00PM CET; 8:30 PM IST

3 hours

Journey maps are tools for decision-making and organizational transformation. That is, if you create and discover them as a ‘team sport’. The journey map itself is a deliverable that comes out of user research and centering the needs of your improvement project around real-world customer behavior. But the journey map is not just a visualization. It is an artifact that represents collaboration and cross-pollination breaking the silos and channel-centric approaches that create friction in your organization, and for your customer.

In this workshop, we will create journey maps based on actual field research on how users manage sustainability behaviors (energy-saving in the home). You will learn how to create a journey map, and how to accurately sharpen the tool as an agent of insight, clarity, and good decision-making. Journey mapping should be a transformational experience for your stakeholders and your users. Getting journey mapping right, and making it a habit, is key to growing UX maturity in your organization– a vital business goal.

Topics we will cover in this workshop:

  • The 6 types of journey maps
  • Blending journey maps and the power of each type
  • How to choose the right journey map for your stakeholders
  • How to make sense of user data (touchpoints, moments of truth, artifacts, goals/tasks, channels, and more)
  • Ways to make your journey mapping more impactful
  • Governance and managing execution of journey mapping recommendations

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Date: 03 Aug 2022
Time: 16 GMT
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