Improving how you Collaborate with UX Teams MasterClass

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3 hours-(group activities, 1:1 access to Frank Spillers)

DATE/ TIME: March 31st 2021 at 4:00 PM UTC; *8:30 PM IST*

US Daylight Savings Time:  8:00 AM PST; 11:00 AM EST

Format: Zoom

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Many teams that work with UX people silently struggle with two key issues: Deeply understanding UX roles and knowing how to best work with UX people. Understanding the role and ‘Jobs to be Done’ of UX teams is a big issue on its own. Knowing how to best work with a UX Designer, UX Researcher, UX Writer or UX Director is entirely another matter. The reality is most teams do not know how to correctly work with UX roles, activities, and processes. No UX Designer, Service Designer, or Researcher is immune to organizational misfiring and overstepping. In this MasterClass we will uncover patterns of dysfunction and address remedies for fixing broken team collaboration.

UX by nature is collaborative: we work with users to bring their voices to the decision-making process. At the same time, UX often has to fight to be seen, to be permitted to act, or simply to work in tandem with Product, Development, or Marketing teams. This is toxic and needs to change in your organization if you are going to have a high-performing UX team. Being clear about where, when, and what UX people really do, followed by tactical ways to collaborate with them will get you more results for your cross-functional team effectiveness. At the heart of UX collaboration is leadership, strategy, and organizational UX maturity. In this MasterClass Frank will unpack UX leadership from Visual Design to Lean UX to Service Design touching on common traps and sharing strategies you can apply to your daily and weekly team work methods and interactions.

About Monthly MasterClasses:

These monthly meet-ups are topic-driven live events with an informal presentation by Frank Spillers and group activities and discussion. Monthly MasterClasses are included as part of your membership. They allow a deep dive into important UX topics, with insights drawn from process best practices and case studies from Frank’s two decades in the field.


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Date: 31 Mar 2021

09:00 am PST

12:00 pm EST

04:00 pm GMT

06:00 pm CET

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