Facilitating UX workshops Intensive

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July-August 2023 (Note: Closing date for registration July 4th 2023)

8 hrs total  (7 hrs workshop time–1 hr per session; plus 1 hr 1:1 coaching session with Frank Spillers).

Cost of $199 for members and $399 for non-members.

Members: $199 USD:

Non-members: $399 USD:

Facilitating UX workshops Intensive

Facilitating UX workshops requires careful planning and consideration to ensure their success. Workshops are a way to engage stakeholders, activate learning and build consensus on UX processes & deliverables. This means UX workshops are strategic tools for building discovery, understanding, momentum, and action. Managing and facilitating workshops is an important skill for UX Designers and Leaders to master.

Moreover, facilitating UX workshops require that facilitators provide a safe and engaging space for participants to share, learn and deepen their understanding and skills. To be clear, UX workshops have a purpose: to bring teams together around UX goals and enable collaboration to empower decision-making.

In this UX Intensive, you will learn how to set-up, facilitate, and deliver engaging workshops around UX deliverables like Journey Mapping. You’ll learn directly from Frank Spillers direct experience at UX consultancy Experience Dynamics leading workshops for teams over two decades.

Included in this UX Intensive:

1 hr personal coaching session with Frank Spillers plus 7 60 min. sessions around:

  1. Steps & Facilitation Mindset
  2. Facilitator skills: cheat sheet
  3. Real-world vs Online workshop facilitation
  4. Preparing content for learning impact
  5. Designing activities & participant engagement
  6. Engaging stakeholders before, during, after
  7. Conducting your workshop & critique session

8 hours total (7 hrs workshop time, 1 hr per session; 1 hr 1:1 coaching session with Frank Spillers).

About UXIC Intensives

UX Intensives involve skills coaching online sessions facilitated by Frank Spillers. These events are available at a discounted cost of $199 for members and $399 for non-members. Intensives are aimed at individualized coaching that allows participants to receive mentoring to bridge gaps in skill acquisition or execution.


Members: $199 USD:

Non-members: $399 USD:

Session Times:

1:1 of 30 min x 2 with Frank Spillers, plus:

  • Friday July 14th 7:00AM PDT; 10:00PM EDT; 3:00 PM GMT (BST)
  • Sunday July 16th 7:00AM PDT; 10:00PM EDT; 3:00 PM GMT (BST)
  • Friday July 21st 7:00AM PDT; 10:00PM EDT; 3:00 PM GMT (BST)
  • Sunday July 23rd 7:00AM PDT; 10:00PM EDT; 3:00 PM GMT (BST)
  • Wed. August 2nd 7:00AM PDT; 10:00PM EDT; 3:00 PM GMT (BST)
  • Sunday August 6th 7:00AM PDT; 10:00PM EDT; 3:00 PM GMT (BST)
  • Thurs. August 10th 7:00AM PDT; 10:00PM EDT; 3:00 PM GMT (BST)

Why Join?

The UX Inner Circle is a professional learning community with a program of monthly events for UX researchers and designers, managers, and directors practicing UX and Service Design. We are a small group of 50+ UX and Service Designers, Directors, and Researchers currently 100% working in UX. Attendees come from orgs like Harvard, Google, IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Capital One, US Bank, healthcare, government, and non-profits. So why join?

  • Refine or expand your current skills– push the boundaries of your learning.
  • Get advice and guidance: Put a top-performing UX expert (Frank Spillers, CEO of award-winning UX firm Experience Dynamics and top instructor at Interaction Design Foundation) in your pocket. Stay connected with the latest on what Frank is thinking and prioritizing in UX and Service Design.
  • Ask anything to other UXIC colleagues on a dedicated private Slack channel. Also, collaborate during monthly meet-ups (Masterclasses).
  • Get a promotion at work or upgrade your skills, portfolio, or process knowledge. This is the #1 reason folks keep subscribing to the UX Inner Circle.
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Date: 14 Jul 2023
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