Designing Your Life: Creating Good Experiences at home & work

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3 hours-(group activities, 1:1 access to Frank Spillers)

NOVEMBER 5TH 8:00AM PDT; 11:00AM EDT; 3:00 PM GMT; 8:30 PM IST

**Note UK clocks go back Oct 31st and US on Nov 7th** 

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In designing experiences for others, we focus a lot on how to make life better for our users.  Alongside this is the recognition that how your team creates good experiences comes down to how they work and think together. Rarely, do we, or teams, stop to design their own lives or cultures. In this Masterclass, Frank Spillers tackles the farreaching topic of “right living”, or as TED founder Richard Saul Wurman once said, ‘Designing your life is the most difficult problem of them all’.

Today, you need to be totally creative, adaptable, and innovative. That is to say, these design skills and mindsets are highly sought-after and guarded by designers, innovators, and teams. Yet the world we live in throws up obstacles including challenges to our attention and stress. Teams and individuals that can solve problems elegantly and that demonstrate success thrive. However, even success can be an obstacle. The more familiar you become, the more confident you become of what constitutes the right path. However, as UX Designers know, good journeys don’t just happen, they are meticulously designed and tested before confidence is felt. So how to apply User Experience and Service Design processes, mindsets, and tools to your life and your team?

In this Masterclass, Frank Spillers shares what he has learned applying Human-Centered Design to daily routines and rituals while empowering teams to improve, make better decisions and get better results. Leveraging a couple of decades of experience, Frank will show you how you can mirror healthy cognitive practices at home and with your team while feeling happier and getting better results from design efforts at work. This course is based on Frank’s experience as a design researcher, entrepreneur, and category leader. You will get Frank’s experience of what he has found to work and how to tackle the challenges of life and designing, including Wellness, Purpose, Curiosity, Motivation, and more.

About Monthly MasterClasses:

These monthly meet-ups are topic-driven live events with an informal presentation by Frank Spillers and group activities and discussions. Monthly MasterClasses are included as part of your membership. They allow a deep dive into important UX topics, with insights drawn from process best practices and case studies from Frank’s two decades in the field.


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Date: 05 Nov 2021

08:00 am PST

11:00 am EST

03:00 pm GMT

04:00 pm CET

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