3D UX Design workshop- how to design engaging and immersive experiences

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6 hours- over two days (handouts, group activities, 1:1 access to Frank Spillers)

DATE/TIME: 29 September and 30th September 2020

3:00 PM UTC; 8:30 PM IST; 7:00 AM PST;10:00 AM EST

Format: Zoom

Overview video (NEW VIDEO): 3D Design Workshop

Topics covered:

  • 3D Interaction Design for Movement, Gesture, Gaze, Speech, Sound
  • 5 Strategies for designing presence and immersion
  • Emotion Design: narrative and spatial interaction
  • Usability of 3D Navigation, Menus, and techniques for moving experiences/ narratives forward
  • Using 3D Personas in design
  • 2D to 3D UX Design: Issues and considerations in Spatialized UI Design
  • Designing affordances in VR/AR
  • Storytelling for Immersive media
  • Leveraging storytelling in consumer vs B2B experiences
  • Rapid Prototyping for spatial UI’s
  • Imagineering techniques for VR
  • User testing in VR/AR
  • Testing and measuring presence
  • Social VR/AR: issues, guidelines, and heuristics
  • Check out this Video discussing the importance of storytelling for VR/AR

Note: This will be a Zoom session over 2 days.

Cost: VALUE of $649  (DISCOUNT PRICE: $399)


About this online workshop:

    1. 3D UX Design is an online workshop is aimed at learning the essentials of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality usability and applying them to a variety of real-world scenarios. This is especially important with the new priority lens COVID-19 has created, pointing to a need for strong AR/VR tools that solve critical problems. Whether you are working with so-called “XR” experiences (AR/VR or Mixed Reality), it is crucial that you apply meaningful 3D Interaction Design techniques to the creation of powerfully immersive and semi-immersive experiences.
    2. This course is based on Frank Spillers 25 years of experience in UX and 3D. It promises to be a fun and “changing the way you look at life” online workshop (past participant comment).
    3. This course is aimed at designers, developers, and content creators that want a grounded methodology for designing emotionally compelling and differentiated user experience in VR/AR. Innovators, R&D teams, and immersive content creators will benefit from this bootcamp.

Date: 29 Sep 2020

07:00 am PDT

10:00 am EDT

03:00 pm BST

04:00 pm CEST

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