Teams Deluxe Inner Circle

Why Team Training?

With all the online learning programs available today, there’s one major flaw: learning as an individual is limited. Why? Individuals become passionate about UX, Service Design or Inclusive Design and then get trapped in a battle of mixed knowledge. Smart individuals don’t make design or process decisions, teams do.

You see teams are smarter when they learn together. When they share the same terms, the same understand and the same skills. In short when their knowledge and skills are unified. There’s very little ROI in training a person, but lots in training teams. This is why a private monthly training peer learning environment can boost your organizational learning and maturity.

What Do You Get?

Monthly private custom training on numerous topics (UX, Service Design, Inclusive Design, UX Management). Includes Certificates of completion.

Access to the full UX Inner Circle (attend monthly Masterclasses and quarterly workshops) on top of your private team training.

Access to a Digital Library of 150 training videos from Frank Spillers 25 years in the field.

Quarterly Drop-Ins with Frank Spillers for team learning goal setting (1 hr meetings).

What does it cost?

$15K USD quarterly for 99 team members

Who Can Attend?

• Up to 99 people from your company or organization monthly.

• Anyone interested in learning UX, Service Design, Inclusive Design, UX Management topics.

• Typical roles include Product managers, BA’s, Developers, UX Designers, UX Researchers, UX Managers, UX Writers and more.

Frank Spillers explaining UX Inner Circle purpose


Learn About Teams Deluxe Inner Circle

How It Works

• Meet to set goals and topics for training.

• Attend monthly custom private trainings (your team only).

• Access the Digital Library, Slack channel and Masterclasses, Workshops and Miniclasses.

• Meet quarterly to review team learning goals.

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