Miniclass- Use Cases and UX

40 min


Use cases are part of good UML (Unified Modeling Language). To be clear, they are a tool for developers. Likewise, User Stories are part of Agile, and again they are a developer tool. So where does UX add value to the need to document what users are trying to do? In this Miniclass, we look at the proper use of Use Cases and User Stories and discuss how UX adds value to capturing what users want and need from a product or service experience.

Topics we will cover in the Miniclass:

  1. Understanding Use Cases, User Stories, and UX
  2. Bridging the gap with User scenarios, Task scenarios, and Usage scenarios.
  3. From MVP to MDP: How user requirements and user advocacy build an MDP (Minimum Desirable Product).
  4. Q&A

About Miniclasses:

A brief, but deep-dive into a topic, lead by Frank Spillers. The sessions provide an orientation to key points on a topic. The sessions are FREE to members of the UX Inner Circle.

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