Miniclass: Designing Context-aware experiences

40 min


Context-awareness is the jewel in the UX crown. Why? Because context-sensitive design meets users’ context-of-use needs– as important as ease-of-use. Context dictates whether a design will withstand the stress test of social, emotional, or physical constraints, interruptions, or adjustments the situation requires. Humans work and play in context: Context dictates behavioral choices. Context-awareness is also a skill teams need to acquire, in order to plan and design high-performing user experiences.

In this Miniclass, we will cover context-sensing and context-aware approaches to design. We will look at how emerging technologies (AI, Speech, Digital Home, XR, Mobile, and more) need a context-aware computing approach to be truly successful.

Topics we will cover in the Miniclass:

  1. Why ‘Task is King, Context is Queen’.
  2. Context as UX requirement: How to capture context and map it to your design, algorithm, or UX strategy.
  3. Inclusive Design context-sensing: strategies for emerging inclusive technology.
  4. Building context intelligence in your team.
  5. Q&A

About Miniclasses:

A brief, but deep-dive into a topic, lead by Frank Spillers. The sessions provide an orientation to key points on a topic. The sessions are FREE to members of the UX Inner Circle.

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