Interface consistency- the case for and against consistency

36 min

Interface consistency- the case for and against consistency


Consistency in a design is touted as one of the most important UX principles. Why? Because consistency helps users reinforce learning and familiarity with an interface. Consistency is important. However, consistency can be used as an excuse to under-innovate from a UI design perspective. To be clear, consistency creates design conservatism versus risky UI patterns, and that’s fine until it isn’t.

This Miniclass dives into the power of consistency and opens up a discussion of how, why, and when to break with consistency strategically. Understanding consistency without usability dogma is essential for UX goals, user advocacy, and creativity at the UI and Visual Design levels.

Topics we will cover in the Miniclass:

  1. Consistency- what is it good for?
  2. Breaking with the tyranny of consistency
  3. Measuring consistency & de-risking novel UI’s
  4. Q&A

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