Artifacts, power tools for better User Research and Interaction Design

35 min


In User Research, it is important to understand the significance of ‘tools’ users create or rely on as they complete their tasks. Artifacts are these tools.

Artifacts are objects or phenomena of significance that tell the context story surrounding a user’s experience. They include physical, cognitive, social, and emotional factors that surface in user interviews and observations. Artifacts take you into a user’s world to help you critically understand their needs and desires. With artifacts, you can represent and communicate user research insights as well as give direction to your interaction design.

In this Miniclass, Frank Spillers will help you identify artifacts and understand their significance in conducting user research.

Topics we will cover in the Miniclass:

  1. 4 different artifact types to identify.
  2. Decoding artifacts in action- following the context.
  3. Putting artifacts to work with designers and stakeholders.
  4. Q&A

About Miniclasses:

A brief, but deep-dive into a topic, lead by Frank Spillers. The sessions provide an orientation to key points on a topic. The sessions are FREE to members of the UX Inner Circle.

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