Who is Frank Spillers?

Who is Frank Spillers?

Inspiring UX Excellence

Frank Spillers is the founder of award-winning UX consultancy Experience Dynamics. He works with the world’s leading brands to deliver cutting-edge strategy for products, services, and experiences. His work focuses on competitive UX differentiation from an interface, to how organizations approach UX design and research. Starting out in the mid-’90s in VR usability, Spillers has consulted on 600 UX projects including enterprise web applications, mobile, products, and sites with conversion lifts up 83% and increases in revenue 200%. His work has transformed interfaces as well as organizational approaches to repeat UX success for Nike, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Logitech, and The World Bank.

UX Leader, Trainer, Consultant, Researcher, Designer

  • Highly experienced UX Designer/Researcher and UX leader with a focus on ROI of UX.
  • Founder of award-winning User Experience consulting firm (Experience Dynamics).
  • UX Master Trainer- trained over 300 teams and over 10,000 UX students globally (with Interaction Design Foundation).
  • User Experience consultant and leader in UX/UI and User Centered Design (UCD).
  • Expert Interaction Designer, UI and User Researcher, Service Designer.
  • Improved website customer conversion by 83%; improved revenue by 200%.
  • 22 years of Enterprise UX experience with Fortune 500 clients including Nike, Intel, Microsoft, HP, Capital One.

Subject Matter Expert

Mr. Spillers is a Subject Matter Expert in UX Design; UX Management; Accessibility; Emotion Design; Service Design; Localization UX; Lean UX; VR/ AR Design.

Frank has developed ground-breaking research and design approaches in UX research, mobile apps, VR/AR and healthcare/ wellness.